Continuing Professional Development


Benefits of the course include:

a) Instruction by experts

b) Curriculum designed by British education and training experts, combining the needs of different overseas markets. All courses are CPD certified.

c) Each trainee who participates in BIEA training can obtain a CPD UK International Education Professional Development (Principals/Directors, Other Managers, Teachers) certificate upon completion.

d) Workshops are integrated with the courses and contain idea exchanges and face-to-face interaction with British teachers.

e) Broad range of content from basic principles to latest hot topics and trends.

f) UK study tour to visit UK nurseries and opportunities to observe classrooms, giving trainees practical experience.

g) The certificate holder can assist their home organisation to obtain BIEA E-League and S-League accreditation.

In 2017, BIEA developed training through R & D, and became the one and the only organisation that works on CPD training, endorsed by British administration. Therefore, it produces more chances for professionals.

Key parts:

a)Experts design the courses, meeting requirements both domestically and abroad.

b)All courses are accredited by CPD. Each trainee can work towards CPD certificates that are widely recognised in the UK.

c)Certificate holders can assist their institutions to become qualified for BIEA E-League and S-League.