EYFS Compulsory Courses

The courses are based on EYFS from the UK, involving 6 aspects: what is EYFS,the key person approach, how to manage children’s behaviors, etc.

EYFS Optional Courses

Learning of seven areas of EYFS and how to care children aged from 0 to 3 are the topic of it. It shares teaching methods and activities with teachers also.

Study Group

Based on EYFS, delivering British education, the tour provides advanced ideas and study opportunity with british experts,first-tier headteachers for Chinese education practitioners.

CPD certificate

The Continual Professional Development (CPD Certificate) helps the director and teachers upgrade their professional skills and break through the bottleneck of career development.


Basic training: 3 days
Topic 1: An Introduction to the Early Years Foundation Stage
Topic 2: Teaching and Learning in the Early Years
Topic 3: Creating an Enabling Environment in the Early Years

Trainging books: Early years fouduation stage statory framework,Early years fouduation stage learing outcomes ,Development matters in the early years foundation stage

Core training : 3 days
Topic 1: Obervation: how to observe and record
Topic 2: Assessment: how to assess on observation
Topic 3: Plan: how to plan based on assessment

Trainging books: Planning into Practice,Observation into Practice,Assessment into Practice