About E-league

BIEA Early Years League (E-League) is an international alliance aimed at overseas education practitioners and organisations, who want to provide the best British early years education (0-5 years old) and adopt the Early Years Foundation Stage (EYFS) framework, to enable children and parents to experience high quality education. E-League’s essence is based on the British EYFS concept, and provides five core supports for the development of its members.

 1、Comprehensive bilingual EYFS support materials

BIEA provides members with a set of bilingual Early Years Foundation Stage Framework support materials, including practice guidance manuals covering a range of topics, the EYFS statutory framework and examples of best practice. The materials are translated into the national language of the host country the member is operating in, and enables the effective delivery of the EYFS in an international context.

 2、Authentic EYFS education training

BIEA is the leading CPD certification body in the UK with qualifications in providing overseas international early years education vocational training. It has an exclusive teaching and training base in the UK, providing a series of training events for early years education practitioners worldwide, guaranteeing tuition by first-tier teachers and leaders of education.

 3、British experts provide guidance and visits

E-League consults with and employs only the best international EYFS experts to provide members with on-going tailored support to enable them to effectively run a nursery overseas. BIEA’s experts quality review the impact of teaching and learning on children’s outcomes and provide suggestions and guidance to ensure the nursery is delivering the EYFS to high standards.

4、A convenient E-marketplace

To support members find appropriate products and resources while teaching overseas, BIEA has collated the resources of well-known educational companies worldwide. The E-marketplace provides members with access to a range of discounts and offers from companies supplying resources to support the implementation of the EYFS.

5、Authoritative E-League Quality (ELQ) accreditation

Schools and nurseries delivering the EYFS curriculum overseas can work towards an internationally recognised accreditation from BIEA. The accreditation is a quality Kite mark endorsement that the organisation is delivering the EYFS to British Education Standards. The ELQ Standards Framework has been developed through consultation with organisations delivering the EYFS in an international context and accredits against Four Core Principles: Education Programme, Inclusion, Organisation and Children’s Well-Being. With the BIEA’s ELQ Accreditation, nurseries and schools can reassure parents and instill confidence in parents that they have made the right choice and that their child will experience the best possible British education.